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We Discussed HIDE with the Engaging and Inspirational author, Tracy Clark - April 4, 2023

'About Us' Bookclub members had the pleasure of conversation with the gregarious Tracy Clark. Member Bernadette LaFrance expressed the experience in this way, "That was SO AWESOME!! What a special treat to have the author, Tracy, in attendance tonight!!" Member Caroline Smith concurred when she remarked, "That was a wonderful event. I truly only meant to stay for 5 or so minutes, but ended up staying the rest of the conversation because it was SUCH a rich discussion! It says a lot about both Tracy's book and your facilitation that someone like me, who did not have the chance to read the book, still enjoyed the conversation so thoroughly."

Please excuse my not-so-tech savvy recording of my PowerPoint introduction of Tracy to the 'About Us' Bookclub members.

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