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Donations offer community members free access to our programming. Urban Grants 4 Us' is a charitable organization under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.


Economic Development

Economic Development Corporation of New Haven’s partnership affords no-costs capacity building programming for Greater New Haven community artists, authors and creatives.


Erik Clemons

President/CEO ConnCAT: Dedicated to creating empowering arts based educational environments for at risk public school student.


Bregamos Community Theater

Celebrating Black History Pride by partnering with Urban Grants 4 Us to produce the reading of 2 original plays depicting issues relevant to our communities.


Community Foundation

The concept of Urban Grants 4 Us was developed during the 2019 session of the Neighborhood Leadership Program.

Community Foundation Square.jpg

Arts, Culture & Tourism

New Haven Festivals sponsored consultant funding that provided free grant writing workshops to Neighborhood Cultural Vitality Grant applicants.


Stetson Branch Library

Collaborates with Urban Grants 4 Us to uplift and promote achievements of Black American artists, authors, and creatives in our community.


New Haven Museum

The New Haven Museum hosted Urban Grants 4 Us' presentation of Black Women's Firsts Panel Discussion that drew over 90 Connecticut residents in attendance.

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Foundation and corporate sponsorship provides the funding to offer no-cost grant writing workshops and community awareness forums to grassroots organizations in Greater New Haven.

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