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The Great Give: May 1 - 2, 2024. Help us Sustain our Black Books' Reading Discussions. Donate Today!

One Click, One Impact: Let's keep the fire burning in our lively black book discussions! Your support is vital in sustaining this vibrant exchange of ideas. Together, we can make these discussions even more engaging and enriching!"

Click The Great Give donation icon below to show the world that we are more than capable of sustaining our own black heritage.

The Black Futures Fund is providing $15,000 in incentives to support Black-led organizations such as Urban Grants 4 Us, and we've qualified to participate. Please make your donations between the following time slots to help Urban Grants 4 Us earn $2,500!

  • Early Birds: 8-9AM

  • Lunch Hours: 12-2PM

  • Happy Hours: 5-7PM

Donating during the above timeframes increases our chances of winning.

Urban Grants 4 Us is a nonprofit committed to elevating and promoting the achievements of Black artists in all art forms. From the below depicted illustrations of our theatrical and visual artists to authors and artisans, we support creatives in historically marginalized communities through financial investments and the establishment of safe spaces.

All gifts received from April 26 through 8:00 p.m. on May 2 are eligible for all matching funds and prizes.

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May 01
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Continued success!

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