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Join Urban Grants 4 Us in Elevating Black Excellence this Giving Tuesday!-#ElevateBlackArt-11/28/23

As the spirit of generosity sweeps across the globe on Giving Tuesday, Urban Grants 4 Us, Inc., invites you to be a catalyst for positive change in our community. We are a nonprofit organization committed to elevating and promoting the achievements of Black and African Americans in all art forms, contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant cultural landscape.

Our Mission: Empowering Through Art and Investment - Our focus extends beyond the artistic realm; we strive to create safe spaces for expression and provide financial investments in historically marginalized communities within Greater New Haven. By doing so, we aim to foster a sense of pride, opportunity, and empowerment among individuals who have often been overlooked.

How to Contribute: CLICK our Giving Tuesday campaign button below and make a secure online donation. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to achieving our mission.

Together We Give, Serve, Thrive. Your support will directly contribute to: Establishing Safe Spaces, Financial Investments, and Promoting Diversity in the Arts.

Spread the Word: Share our Giving Tuesday campaign on social media and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join in supporting Urban Grants 4 Us, Inc. Use the hashtag #ElevateBlackArt to spread awareness and celebrate the diversity of talent in our community.

This Giving Tuesday, let's come together to make a lasting impact. Join Urban Grants 4 Us in our mission to elevate, empower, and celebrate the achievements of Black and African American artists.


Scan the QR Code to GIVE, SERVE, AND THRIVE and Thank you so much for being a part of our community and for making a difference!

QR Code for Donation

PBS NEWSHOUR - The newly opened International African American Museum in Charleston, South Carolina, aims to honor untold stories at one of America's most sacred sites. Part of that effort involves uncovering the past through genealogy.

Digging deeply into family lineage has taken off with visits to genealogy websites estimated at over 100 million a year. The newly-opened International African American Museum in Charleston, South Carolina, aims to honor untold stories at one of America’s most sacred sites. That effort involves excavating the past through genealogy. Geoff Bennett reports for our arts and culture series, CANVAS. Aired November 14, 2023 - Stream HERE.

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