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Black History Month's Series: Supreme Court won’t block West Point from considering race in admissions.

Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) brought its lawsuit on behalf of two anonymous plaintiffs who are described in court filings as white males who want to apply to West Point over the next few years.

The Supreme Court ruled the U.S. Military Academy at West Point may continue using race as a factor in admissions, leaving intact the slim remains of affirmative action in higher education.

A Celebration of Stories, Culture, and Community - PBS is celebrating Black History Month by throwing a Block Party.

Participate in the month-long celebration by enjoying the streaming content available throughout February.

Racist Trees - Were trees intentionally planted to exclude and segregate a Black neighborhood?

The Cost of Inheritance - Explores the complex issue of reparations in the U.S. using a thoughtful approach to history, historical injustices, systemic inequities, and critical dialogue on racial conciliation.

Liberty City, Miami, is home to one of the oldest segregated public housing projects in the U.S. Now with rising sea levels, the neighborhood’s higher ground has become something else: real estate gold.

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