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As Black History Month nears its end, We Must Support Our Own or We Risk Losing Everything.

As Black History Month nears its end, it's crucial to stand firm, all year-round, in our support for black branch managers in the New Haven Public Library system, particularly at the Stetson Branch Library. This library serves as the only free and accessible programming space for us in the Dixwell community. With the Q-House doors routinely locked, our youth are left with few options for open programming. Despite once being a vibrant hub for Dixwell neighborhood activities, the Q-House now seems to prioritize other nonprofit events and fundraisers, leaving us without consistent access. Therefore, we must unite behind our black branch manager to ensure continued accessibility to our neighborhood's free library programming in our Dixwell community.

First published in 1944, Strange Fruit, written by Lillian Eugenia Smith, a White woman who openly embraced controversial positions on matters of race and gender equality.

Strange Fruit was banned in Boston and Detroit and the US Postal Service refused to send it through the mail until Eleanor Roosevelt intervened.

The Panthers Can't Save Us Now: Debating Left Politics and Black Lives Matter.

This volume revisits a debate that transpired during Black Live Matter’s first wave. Redistribution, public goods, and multi-ethnic working-class solidarity are the only viable response to the horrors of police violence and mass incarceration. It just so happens that fighting the conditions that make crime and violence inevitable is also the means by which we can build a working-class majority and a more equal and peaceful nation.

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