Black History Matters.

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Black Womens First Cover.jpg

Black Women's Firsts 

Panel Review 3/9/20

Iman Uqdah Hameen

Finish the Fight.jpg

Finish the Fight

Veronica Chambers



Isabel Wilkerson

The end of white politics.jpg

The End of White Politics

Zerlina Maxwell

the warmth of other suns.jpg

The Warmth of Other Suns

Isabel Wilkerson

Brown Bohemians.jpg

Brown Bohemians

Vanessa Vernon, et al.

We Were There.jpg

We Were There

Yvonne Latty

Stop Telling Women to Smile.jpg

Stop Telling Women to Smile

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Brown is the new white.jpg

Brown Is The New White

Steve Phillips

Begin Again.jpg

Begin Again...

Eddie S. Glande, Jr.

Finding My Voice.jpg

Finding My Voice

Valerie Jarrett

The End of October.jpg

The End of October

Lawrence Wright

Hood Feminism.png

Hood Feminism

Mikki Kendall

Say Her Name.jpg

Say Her Name

Kimberle Crenshaw, et al.


Ageless Vegan

Tracye McQuirter

Its not all downhill for here.jpg

It's Not All Downhill From Here

Terry McMillan


Thick: and Other Essays

Tressie McMillan Cottom

Riot Baby.png

Riot Baby

Tochi Onyebuchi

Im not dying with you tonight.jpg

I'm Not Dying With You Tonight

Kimberly Jones, et al.


We Were Eight Years In Power

Ta-Nehisi Coates


The Nickel Boys

Colson Whitehead

A fire you cant put out.jpg

A Fire You Can't Put Out

Andrew W. Manis

Our time is now.jpg

Our Time Is Now

Stacey Abrams

Across that bridge.jpg

Across That Bridge

John Lewis

Being property once myself.jpg

Being Property Once Myself

Joshua Bennett


Tears We Cannot Stop

Michael Eric Dyson

The black presidency.jpg

The Black Presidency

Michael Eric Dyson



Claud Anderson, Ed.D.

The Alchemy of Us.jpg

The Alchemy of Us

Ainissa Ramirez

The Making of a Slave.jpg

The Making of a Slave

Willie Lynch

Natl Geo Black & White.jpg

National Geographic

April 2018

The Color of Law.jpg

The Color Of Law

Richard Rothstein

The Racial Conditioning of Our Children.

Racial Conditioning of our Children

Nathan Rutstein

Corner Stone of Confederacy.jpg

The Corner Stone of Confederacy

Alexander Stephens


Blueprint for Black Power

Amos N. Wilson


When God Was A Woman

Merlin Stone

It was all a lie.jpg

It Was All A Lie

Stuart Stevens

Black History Pride 2020 Cover.jpg

Black History February 2020

Petisia M. Adger

This is my america.jpg

This Is My America

Kim Johnson

Say It Louder.png

Say It Louder!

Tiffany D. Cross

Memorial Drive.jpg

Memorial Drive

Natasha Tretheway

Moving Forward.jpg

Moving Forward

Karine Jean-Pierre

American Spy.jpg

American Spy

Lauren Wilkinson



Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi

White too long.jpg

White Too Long

Robert P. Jones

Becoming Michele Obama.jpg


Michelle Obama

Just Mercy.jpg

Just Mercy

Bryan Stevenson

Alicia Keys.jpg

More Myself: A Journey

Alicia Keys

When we free the world.jpg

When We Free The World

Kevin Powell

under fire.jpg

Under Fire

April Ryan


Making Our Way Home

Blair Imani

Red at the bone.jpg

Red At The Bone

Jacqueline Woodson

Wilmingtons Lie.png

Wilmington's Lie

David Zucchino

Things we wear.png

Children's Book

Things We Wear

Olivia Lauren, Melissa-Sue John, et al.

Black Enough.jpg

Black Enough

Ibi Zoboi

Black Edge.jpg

Black Edge

Sheelah Kolhatkar

Know your price.jpg

Know Your Price

Andre M. Perry

Dreams from my father.jpg

Dreams from My Father

Barack Obama

Tough Love.jpg

Tough Love

Susan Rice

No You Shut up.jpg

No, You Shut Up

Symone D. Sanders

March trilogy.jpg

MARCH (Trilogy)

John Lewis

Such a fun age.jpg

Such a Fun Age

Kiley Reid

Mind the gap.jpg

Mind the Gap

Mukwende M., et al

The Radical King.jpg

The Radical King

Cornel West

The Black Tax.jpg

The Black Tax

Shawn D. Rochester

The Color of Compromise.jpg

The Color of Compromise

Jemar Tisby

Forty Million Dollar Slaves.jpg

Forty Million Dollar Slaves

William C. Rhoden

Emmett Till.jpg

In Remembrance Of Emmett Till

Darryl Mace

The New Jim Crow.jpg

The New Jim Crow

Michelle Alexander



James Horn

Black Heroes of the .png

Black Heroes of the American Revolution

Burke Davis

Black Labor White Wealth.png

Black Labor

White Wealth

Claud Anderson, Ed.D.

Occupation A-Z.png

Children's Book Occupation A to Z

Melissa Sue-John, et al.



Rachel Maddow

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